Specification Sheets

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Specification Sheets

2171-6 Reflection Full-Sized Rectangular Induction Buffet Server

2172-6/37 Reflection Round Rectangular Induction Buffet Server

2173-6/12 Small Square Reflection Server

2174-6 Reflection Square Induction Buffet Server

2372-6/36 Sauteuse Induction Buffet Server

2374-6 Rectangular Induction Buffet Server

2375-6/6H Induction Ready Hot Cereal / Soup Tureen With Hinged Cover

2382-8-36 Seasons Titanium Sauteuse Induction Buffet Server

2384-8 Seasons Rectangular Titanium Buffet Server

2472-6/36 Vision, Round Induction Buffet Server

2474-6 Vision, Square Induction Buffet Server

2501-6/1 Stadium or Anniversary Chafing Dish

2505 Series Coffee Urns By Spring USA

2505-6-12A Coffee Urn By Spring USA

2509-6A RONDO Full-Sized Rect Chafing Dish

2510-6/35 RONDO Round Chafing Dish, 35cm, 8-Quart Stainless Steel

2511-6/4 Beverage Dispenser By Spring USA

2511-6/7 Beverage Dispenser By Spring USA

2512-6/5 Double Juice Dispenser By Spring USA

2525-6/7 Beverage Dispenser With Drip Tray By Spring USA

2528-6/5 Milk Dispenser With Drip Tray By Spring USA

2530-6/7 Cereal – Snack Dispenser By Spring USA

2546 Built-In Rectangular Full Size Chafing Dish

2547-6/35 Built-In 35cm Round Chafing Dish

2548-6/6H Built-In Soup Station

2555-6A RONDO Renaissance Oblong Chafing Dish

2585-6A Choice Chafing Dish

2592-6/1 Roll-Top Stadium or Anniversary Chafing Dish

2791, 2792 & 2793 Series Heat Lamps & Carving Stations By Spring USA

2791-6E & 2792-6E Adjustable Arm Heat Lamps (E Series) By Spring USA

2791-6* & 2792-6* Adjustable Arm Heat Lamps (Star Series) By Spring USA

3375-6/6H Soup Station By Spring USA

9503 Electric Heating Element for Coffee Urns

9506/1 Rheostat Adjustable Electric Heating Element for Rectangular Chafing Dishes

9509 Electric Heating Element for Rectangular Chafing Dishes

9512/1 Rheostat Adjustable Electric Heating Element for Round Chafing Dishes

9517 Electric Heating Element for Rectangular Chafing Dishes

9520 Electric Heating Element for Round Chafing Dishes

9524/1 Electric Heating Element with Adjustable Rheostat

AF350 Induction Air Filter System by Spring USA

Frost Tops- Hidden and Exposed

HC380-CT and HC383-CT Solstice Cooling & Warming System

IBT181 60/76/96 Induction Buffet Table

ICB234, ICB348 Built-in Induction Cooking Station Spec Sheet

ICS234, ICS348 Mobile Induction Cooking Stations Spec Sheet

K2509-6 Classic Chafing Dish

MCS1800, MCS3572-Mobile Culinary Station Spec Sheet

PM-221 Power Management Specification Sheet

PM-2221 Power Management Specification Sheet

SM-181C, SM-261C, SM-263C, & SM-263CU MAX Induction™ Ranges

SM-181C-T MAX Induction™ Range

SM-181R, SM-261R, SM-263R, SM-263RU MAX Induction™

SM-251-2CR, SM-253-2CR MAX Induction™

SM 300-CR Unlimited Induction Range By Spring USA

SM-351C-FT, SM-353C-FT & SM-353C-FTU MAX Induction™ SIZZLE Range By Spring USA

SM-351C, SM-353C, SM-353CU MAX Induction™ Range

SM-351WCR, SM353WCR & SM-353WCRU MAX Induction™ Wok Range By Spring USA

SM-651R, SM-653R, SM653RU MAX Induction™ Warmer

SM-651SS, SM-653SS, SM-653SSU SmartStone™ Induction Warming System

SM-651C-T Countertop Hold-Only MAX Induction™ Warmer

SRC-181SS Custom Cabinet Specification Sheet

SRC-261SS, 263SS & 263SSU Custom Cabinet Specification Sheet

SRC-651SS, SRC-653SS,SRC-653SSU SmartStone™ Tabletop Induction Warmer

SRC-2-181SS Custom Cabinet

SRC-2-261SS, 263SS, 263SSU Custom Double Cabinet Specification Sheet

SRC-2-651SS, SRC-2-653SS & SRC-2-653SSU Custom Cabinet w/ MAX Induction™ and SmartStone™ Tabletop

SRS-2-181 Custom Cabinet

ST-1220, ST-1220-T, ST-1223 & ST-1223U Warming Tray By Spring USA Specification Sheet