Stadium (aka Anniversary) Chafing Dishes

Stadium Chafing Dishes Come With One, Full Size Insert


13 ” H x  11-7/8” Diameter  –  5- 1/4 Quart Capacity

Looking to Go Green?  Use with (optional) Electric Heating Element, Item #9520.

Foods stay at a consistant temperature, and it eliminates the expense of purchasing canned fuel.

For additional inserts, see Item #539-66/30.

Replacement Water Pan is Item # 539-60/30.



13-3/8” H

25-1/8 ” L

13-3/4” W

9-7/8 Quart Capacity

This Stadium Chafing Dish (aka Anniversay Chafing Dish) features our lift-off cover with built-in hinges.  Server is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel, and comes with one, full size insert.  Perfect for any stadium.

Spring USA is the only company that offers a feature of a cover that works like this.  The built-in hinges allow the unit to adapt to your specific environment, meaning that the cover can hold open on the long or the short side of the chafing dish.  Perfect in areas where you don’t have excess space.

Looking to Go Green?  Use with (optional) Electric Heating Element #9517.  Same your facility the additional cost of canned fuel, and eliminate the use of open flames.

Additional inserts can be ordered.  Contact your Spring USA Sales Coordinator for additional Item #’s.

To order an additional water pan, reference Item # 519-60.

To order a replacement cover, request Item E501-61.9.

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2501-6/1 Stadium or Anniversary Chafing Dish Specifications


15-3/8” H x  25-1/8 ” L  x 14-5/8” W  –  9-7/8 Quart Capacity


Chafing dish features our special, tip-up, rolltop cover, for easy insert removal.  This chafing dish comes with one, full sized insert pan.

Additional water pan can be ordered.  Request Item #952-61.

Replacement covers are also available. Reference Item E592-61.

For additional inserts, contact your Spring USA Sales Coordinator.  This chafing dish can accept standard 1/2 pans, 1/3rd or 1/4 inserts.  To order Spring USA insert pans in a  1/2 pan, 1/3rd pan or 1/4 inserts, reference Item #’s from our 521 or 522 series of insert pans.  These inserts can be found on Page 22 of our current product catalog.

Going Green?  Opt for our (optional) Electric Heating Element. Request Item #9517.

2592-6/1 Roll-Top Stadium or Anniversary Chafing Dish

All Spring USA Chafing Dishes Carry a Ten-Year Warranty for Manufacturing Defects on Welding.